Three Weeks. But Who's Counting?

Sunday, March 25, 2012 - 
Convo that happened today.

Hubs: "How come I haven't see anything on your blog lately?"
Me: "I'm blogging today, I have some reviews to post."
Hubs: "Nope, I mean on Entertaining."
Me: "Oh. Well, um...I guess I'm entertaining life daily rather than writing?"

Sometimes it happens to all of us who blog. I'd like to say I haven't had the time. But I've been keeping up with one of my New Year's goals. The one where I said I wouldn't over-program myself. The one where I would try to only do a few things a week, 3 max. I've been pretty successful I might say. By successful, I mean I haven't strayed at all. Yup. Go me.

So with that said, I have been Entertaining Life Daily, but I haven't been the best at recapping these events or all the new kitchen creations that hubs and I have noshed on throughout the year.

Like this past weekend, hubs and I went to Clowes Hall (on Butler's campus) for great show with two friends. We went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. You may think, "Angie. You are a Disney fan. You are a Pirates fan. What is special about it this time?"

Photo Credit
Well, the answer is that it wasn't JUST the movie. The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra played all the music in the movie. So while the moving was showing, live music brought it to life in perfect synchronization. A choir sang the music so well that I sometimes forgot that there was a live performance happening while the screen was playing the movie. It was an amazing performance and I'd go in a heartbeat for any other movie they would like to perform. Congrats ISO, it was a beautiful show! Not to mention, we got sippy cups again.

And today, a Sunday brunch rather than a dinner. But that my friends, a recap later this week.

I promise.