Beauty & the Beast the Musical

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 - 
Hubs is awesome.  Why you may ask?  Well, lots of reasons.  One is because he goes to musicals with me.  From 101 Dalmatians to Legally Blonde, he is awesome.  But note, he'd be lying to you if he said he didn't like him.  He'll admit to liking them - I think.

This past weekend, we went and saw Beauty & the Beast at Clowes Hall.  I was really excited for it, but kind of let down.  Belle's costume just wasn't right.  Both the blue dress and the gold dress, it just wasn't what I expected.  And there seemed to be a lot of production in other areas which left me confused.  How could you not get a classic dress right, but have an extravagant stage floor?

However, the classic Be Our Guest had me singing along with enthusiasm (and the little girl in front waving enthusiastically) and Lumiere was by far my favorite actor of the evening.  So comical and extravagant in his gestures made a human as a candlestick believable.  The Beast was a slightly lackluster, more comedic in areas than I expected, but the audience seemed to eat this up.  Belle was beautiful and her acting good, as were all the other characters, but nothing that shined over the top for me.  But the child who played Chip - adorable.

Besides the show, we did learn that Clowes (which is on Butler's campus) now has these ingenious sippy cups for adults. 

You can take your drink into the theatre and sip your beer or wine throughout the show.  Lovely, just lovely.

Lots of hugs to hubs - you are the best!