Cookies & a Movie (this is not a cheap date theme)

Friday, March 30, 2012 - 
After Sunday brunch, company went to see The Hunger Games. A great book, I equally enjoyed the movie (who else has seen it? Did you like it?).

Despite enjoying a lot of food at breakfast, we all still got popcorn. And cookies. We (okay, I) snuck them in for some movie treats. And what was the inspiration for these cookies you may ask?

My friend Melinda gave me a "Year of Cookies" - a collection of cookie cutters for every month. I had decided that I would make these every month to use them - makes sense huh? So this month, shamrocks.

A yummy, basic sugar cookie. My secret ingredient? Maple syrup. I like it when they are just under done, just enough that they are still soft and perfect. Nom. A perfect movie snack. Two movies in one weekend, I'd say that is a weekend well done!