'Fun'draising for a Cause

Thursday, October 13, 2011 - 
I think volunteering and giving back are important things to do.  For the past 11 years, I've participated in fundraising for the Alzheimer's Association.  As you saw from my BrewMile event, not only do I fundraise, but I 'fun'draise.  I like to have a good time while making people aware of the cause we are supporting, the disease we are fighting.

At work, it is no different.  We are all closely linked to the Association because nationally, it is a philanthropic endeavor of ours.  So, we've had a variety of events that helped us raise over $1,000 for our Walk to End Alzheimer's team as a staff.  Here is a breakdown of the events with a few photos:

Casual for a Cause - staff donate so they can dress down at work.  Once a week, it is a popular event.

Silent Auction - with donations from staff and local business, this is always a great way to raise some money for any cause.

Bucks for Bagels, Dollars for Donuts, Loot for Latte, Pennies for Pie - all food themed events, staff members donate for breakfast delivered to their desk, a morning latte in the office, or for a pizza luncheon.  With my deep love (some say obsession) with all things pumpkin, you know that I had a pumpkin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese, a pumpkin donut, and a pumpkin latte.  Just sayin'...

Brain Activities - trying to keep the mind healthy, we had a variety of brain activities including MENGO (mind bingo), Memory (in shape of the Alz. logo), and SK Survivor.  'Survivor' was the most intense as staff members had to race through the office, memorize a picture, then race back to recreate the shapes in the correct order.  We have some intense competition in this office.

Fall Festival - this is our community event, where we invite other Greek organizations to come out for the afternoon and have some fun.  We had a bake-off, corn hole tournament, pie a staff member event, change collection competition, and sold some baked goods.  Leftover baked goods that didn't sell or weren't taken home by the contenders were donated to a local assisted living facility that has an Alzheimer's wing.  We had great weather and everyone seemed to have a good time as we raised over $350 towards our cause.

If you'd like to donate, would love the support.  I am personally working towards a goal of $1,000 for myself and I'm still a little shy.  Every dollar counts - if you can give, I would appreciate it!  Visit my page here and help me fight Alzheimer's so that one day, I won't have to fight anymore!

Just a note, these opinions are all my own not of my company.  And thank you to Bri for her assistance throughout this whole process.  Couldn't have done it without her!