Hubby is a Poutine Believer

Thursday, October 14, 2010 - 
While in Vancouver, hubs and I came to the realization that we may miss the Monday Night Football game featuring our beloved Packers and our nemesis, da Bears.

Originally from Green Bay, this would make us sad.

But alas, we found a friendly bar, Ceili's Irish Pub, full of football fans (a Colts fans, an obnoxious Bears fan, and another Packers others that didn't display loyalty in yelling or t-shirts) and were happy.

We drank some locally brewed Canadian beer (no, Molson was in that mix) and ordered a variety of items to share throughout the evening, including this....poutine.
I learned my potato loving husband had never had poutine.

My heart broke...a little...

A Canadian staple, poutine is an order of fries topped with cheese curds (and the Wisconsin girl in me cheers!) and brown gravy.  Hubs had a "why have I never thought of putting gravy on fries before?" moment before diving into the dish.  It makes sense, I mean we put gravy on mashed potatoes right?  This isn't a crazy dish - just a good one. The fries were seasoned well, the cheese curds were tangy and melted plus the gravy was creamy and piping hot.  Salty all over - perfect football food.

Thank you Ceili's for making hubs a believer.

I also had a cup of their pumpkin soup and it was delish.  No photo was taken - I'm assuming this was because I couldn't help but eat it is pumpkin after all - but it was smooth in texture with a swirl of cream on top.  The waitress (who was phenomenal) even dropped off some brown sugar packets because she thought it made the soup better - she was right.  The soup was good, but the sugar bumped up the sweetness factor making it savory and sweet.  Nom.

We also had these...
Since nachos are one of my favorite foods of all time (really, I could be so full but still find room to eat more,) it shouldn't be a surprise that we had to order them.  They were great - crispy chips with chicken, jalapenos, scallions, tomatoes and black olives served with salsa and sour cream.  I noshed my way through despite being full.

Another fun thing about Ceili's - Monday Night Football trivia and Essay contest.  Yup, a bar who encourages you to write after drinking pints.  And I wrote...I wrote about my comparison of B.Favre to an ex-boyfriend.  It's a long story, but let's just say that Ceili's enjoyed it and bought me a round.  Yeats' quote "There are no strangers here, only friends that have not met yet," is the establishments quote.  It is the best quote for this restaurant as we never felt like a tourist.  The service was great and everyone was incredibly friendly - cheers for a great evening!