QUASH - A Hunt for a Cause

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 - 
Note - thank you to RN for taking photos of the event!

QUASH - the Quest to Unravel Alzheimer's Scavenger Hunt - took place a few weekends ago (June 19th to be exact!)  This event, put on by the Greater Indiana chapter of the Alzheimer's Association, is a mad dash scavenger hunt around downtown Indy.  This was my second year participating, both during the hunt as well as on the planning committee for the event, and I once again wasn't disappointed!

Alzheimer's is a disease which I became connected to as a freshman in college.  My national Sorority, Sigma Kappa, (along with the Foundation) focuses on this disease as one of their philanthropic endeavors.  I began walking in the local Memory Walks and focusing on other gerontology efforts with my Sorority sisters, and I have continued that through these past 10 years. After being in Indy for a few years, I decided to reach out to the local Alzheimer's chapter and put my talents to work on a planning committee.  Upon joining the QUASH committee, I have made some great connections and formed fantastic friendships.  But, the main objective is to help find a cure for this disease!

QUASH had a different starting/ending location this year, the fantastic Rathskeller!  This German restaurant in downtown Indy was the perfect venue with their beer garden being the central location.  This outdoor space has a stage perfect for a band (how about Great Scott?!  YES, they played!) and can seat many participants.

 All participants waited patiently as we heard from our MC, Rayne, from 100.9 radio station.  Then, we tore open our packets and started to answer questions about areas in downtown Indy.

RN hard at work to answer those questions!

Once you determine the location, you get there by foot (no vehicles or other modes of transportation is allowed!) and then find an answer to the linked question.  For example, you may be directed to Scotty's Brewhouse by clue ('find this brewery' type of question) and then once there, you must either a) answer another question that you would only know by being there (ie. how many tables have flags with this logo...) or b) participate in a QUASH spot.  QUASH spots are interactive games, either mental or physical, that you must accomplish to receive full points.

Two and half hours later, all teams are expected to be at the beer garden (or you lose points!) to check in.  While everyone waits for points to be tallied, a buffet of beer and brats were served.  It was a hot one, and many of us needed to get water in our system as well.  The band, Great Scott, as mentioned above also entertained all of us with live entertainment.

Another fun aspect - costumes!  Teams are encouraged to dress in costume and add another element of fun to the event.  Some of these costumes are crazy while others are sentimental.  The attention adds to the competitiveness of the hunt, as well as draws attention to all participants as you race around the city (people as, "What are you dressed up for?" all the time!)

A few photos of costumes:

City Llama's did a great job - thank you!!

 Hubs & I were the "QUASHables" - like Disney's 'The Incredible's" of course!

So how does a team win?  Each question that you answered was worth a points value, so whoever gets the most points is awarded the QUASH winners!  Gift certificates and other items from local vendors are the prize.  BUT, the true prize is all the funds that are raised by the teams to benefit The Association.

A BIG thank you to all my friends and family who donated to my team.  It really means a lot to have your support as I continue to be involved in this great organization.  In addition, lots of love to my friends who participated (thank you RN, JN & MB for forming a team!,) as well as those who raised funds but couldn't make it for the day (that's you prego (JK) and MM!)

It was a hot day - but we did it and had fun racing around downtown Indy!  Here is to another great year, can't wait to do it again next year!