July 4th in the big W

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 - 
I know, the holiday was a while back.  Two weeks to be exact, but that is how long I haven't been home!  Lots of Florida love, all which is also be posted in the future.  But first, the holiday in Wisconsin!

Hubs wanted to make the trek to Wisconsin so we could spend the long weekend at the lake.  As always, I love seeing my mom and dad and spending time at their lakehouse in Eagle River.  So we decided to surprise them!

 Welcome to the Lake!

And, hubby was excited to see if pup liked water.  For the record, she doesn't.

4th of July was no different.  Lots of great food cooked over the campfire (and yes, this includes gigantic s'mores too!) including steak, brats and grilled side dishes.  Of course, drinks were also flowing as we spent all day on the boat, only to round out the perfection with a night cruise as well.  There were a few surprises (see photos below,) but all in all, it was exactly what I needed before my two week trip to Florida.

Enjoy the photo recap!
Mom & Dad ready for the parade - aren't they cute?!
Only in Wisconsin does the Leine's float hand out beer. Yes, not candy, but beer.  LOVE.

Grand Marshall of the parade was Olympic Silver Medalist, 
Jinelle Zaugg-Siergiej.  
She is an Eagle River native, and I completely dorked it up & 
asked to touch the medal and take a photo with her. 

One of the candy shops - he's making chocolate fudge.  NOM.

Momma and hubs
My dad celebrating the high life with family friend, PB.

Yes, this is my doing karaoke. 
Tribute to my dear friend, Fun & Fearless, I sang a little Sweet Caroline

And then my two favorite men followed with their own sing song.

One of my favorite places, a bar/restaurant called Sweetwater.  
Nice little segway to the next blogs that you may enjoy!