Office Olympics: Winter Games Part I

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 - 
Back in 2008 when the Summer Olympic games were happening, I was encouraged (okay, maybe she even demanded it) by a former co-worker, AK, to have Office Olympics.  Yes, similar to the television show, our staff was going to participate in office debauchery throughout two weeks.  This year with the Winter games upon us, it is no different (even if my Ms. AK is no longer working here..sad...but at least I still see her!)

Friday was the opening ceremony, and of course, good times were had by all of the "offletes" (combination of athlete & office) who were participating.  Events take place in the the "Conference Place" (yes, similarities to the B.C. Place are absolutely on purpose) and commence with a closing ceremony and rewarding of medals.

Our opening ceremony is very similar (okay, I use 'very' loosely) to that of the true Olympic nature.  Our offletes make flags to represent their nations...
All items used in the Office Olympics must be found in the office.

...and parade for all to see.

They all look so happy for an afternoon break!

We  release doves...

 Note: no doves were hurt in the releasing.

..and yes, we even take oaths.
 Do you notice the flame (paper of course) and the Olympic flag in the background?  
Thank you Cubes for the design!

Yes, all in a days work for the event coordinator.  Next up?  Slalom cart racing and Cubicle Biathlon.  Hold back your excitement....