Around the World in 5 Hours

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 - 
After a great cruise, hubs and I made our way back to Orlando for our final days of vacation. Leaving Port Canaveral that morning, we had pretty much all of Friday to spend at Hollywood Studios. It was crazy busy because it was also Star Wars weekend. Some great costumes, that is for sure. We didn't last long - rode a few rides here and there, but we ended up leaving early to get some rest at our hotel, the Marriott World Center.

We ended back at the Boardwalk for some dinner that night only to head back to Hollywood to ride a few more rides before heading home. If you haven't seen the show Fantasmic! in the Studios, I insist you see it soon. Great show!

On Saturday, we took our time getting ready by laying out at the pool and relaxing. We grabbed some lunch at the Polynesian resort and then headed over to Epcot to drink our way around the world with one of my great friends, Stacy, and her friend, Matt.

We had a great time beginning in the United Kingdom, only to end in France for the fireworks.

It was a great vacation, ending with a quick lunch at The Wilderness Lodge before saying goodbye on Sunday. Couldn't have done it without Stacy. I always look forward to seeing her at least once a year. This girl can give a hub, let me tell you. She's so friendly, so giving, so caring. A great, true friend that I met back in 2009. Glad to have her in my life.

Now, we have been back in Indy for a bit. Am I missing The Mouse? Absolutely. After all, this is a place that is magical. Hubs and I got engaged there, and we've returned with friends and by ourselves many times always enjoying every minute. Lots of great memories, and I'm happy to say we had another fantastic vacation once again!

'Our' rock where we become an engaged couple in 2006

Muah - love you hubs. Thanks for a great 30th birthday vacation!