Millions of Peaches (or Peachtrees)

Saturday, July 21, 2012 - 
I'm alive & well. However, things have taken quite a turn in my life. Let me fill you.

Hubs and I have moved. Well, almost. About one month ago (right around the time of my last post that is), I accepted a job offer with a company based out of Atlanta, GA.

Yes, Atlanta. The South. Millions of streets named Peachtree something.

It is an exciting journey. I'm beyond elated to be part of this great company who is a leader in the hospitality industry. I see so much potential in the company and am stoked to be a part of it. But, with the excitement, also comes some bittersweet feelings.

  1. Having to say 'see you later' to my Indianapolis family
  2. Moving further from my family in Wisconsin
  3. Leaving all the great food and beer scenes of the Indianapolis area
  4. Saying goodbye to a job that I have adored for almost 8 years
  5. Have to locate a new Green Bay Packer bar (NFL network is a MUST now)
  6. Moving and finding a new place after calling Carmel, IN my home (love that Farmer's Market so close to my home!)
I accepted the job, worked Sigma Kappa's convention in The Woodlands (Houston, TX) and then made the drive to Atlanta on Tuesday. I started my new job on Wednesday, and have been searching for a place to live since (anyone have a fantastic house they would like me to rent for a year or so?). Once a house is found, hubs will meander his way down to the South to join this (now, well, probably not) Southern peach.

What does this mean for Entertaining Life Daily? Well, I guess it means it has a new home in ATL. ELD will still function as time permits, especially once hubs and I find a place to live, cook and make our own in this city of new possibilities.

Thank you all for your support, texts, tweets, well wishes, hugs and tears. It is a journey, and one that we could not have done without the love and support of our friends and family. Cheers to our new adventure!