An Inspirational Boat Ride

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 - 
Have you ever gone on a trip with high expectations, only to have them exceeded?  That is exactly what happened during my trip with the Sigma Kappa Foundation while in Maine.  In addition to spending a great morning in Waterville at Colby College, we were able to continue our pilgrimage to Bar Harbor.

Many people vacation in Bar Harbor.  The beautiful coast, all the lobster you can eat, and a community of friendly people.  But we weren't there just to take in all those great things.  We were there to experience the Maine Sea Coast Mission. A not for profit organization that helps the Maine coastal and island communities through a variety of programs, including youth development, medical assistance, and what Sigma Kappas know best, their Christmas program.

We spent the first part of our afternoon on the Sunbeam.  Yes, for all the SK ladies out there, THE Sunbeam.  Sunbeam 5 to be exact.  This glorious boat is more than a boat.  It is a sign of hope for communities across the coast.  A sign of inspiration to the people on the islands and in the communities.  To spend a few hours on this exceptional piece of inspiration was, well, inspiring.

This is your captain speaking...
Well, this is really your captain speaking. Thanks Mike!
I didn't know what to expect out of the boat, but it exceeded any thought I could have had.  It was roomy and full of capabilities that could help make lives better.  A powerful staff was on board - one full of a desire to help those around. You couldn't help but smile and feel like a part of their family. They were accommodating, welcoming, friendly and energizing. I learned so much about the organization I have supported for the past 11 years (and one that Sigma Kappa Foundation and Sorority have for 100 years!).  Thanks isn't enough to show the gratitude I feel for these men and women who serve this community.

And did I mention that one of the staff members, Pat, is an amazing cook?  Thanks for allowing me to continue my lobster mission with those fantastic lobster rolls - thanks Pat!

The experience on the Sunbeam is one I will never forget.  The staff was amazing, the experience was epic.  And knowing all of it is done for a cause that is larger than I thought is a cherry on top.  After a few hours we headed back to shore to spend sometime at the headquarters.  More to come on this...