Christmas in Maine

Monday, November 7, 2011 - 
After spending a few hours on the Sunbeam, the group headed over to the Maine Sea Coast Mission's headquarters.  The building took my breath away - a gracious donation to the organization left a historical building that houses amazing work and programs for the coastal communities.

Once a family's home, this three story mansion has amazing architecture and history of family and servants living together.  Not to mention, a view.  A gorgeous view of the ocean and Maine coastline.  Once again, it took my breath away.

The first floor has a variety of rooms with archives, a conference room and kitchen for the staff members.  The second, what was once the family bedrooms is now the staff offices.  And the third floor - the third floor is something quite special.

What was once the servants bedrooms is now rooms full of items for children, adults, prisoners, and other members of communities the Mission serves.  These items are used for the Christmas Program.  The Christmas Program brings joy to many people during the holiday season, and our group was more than happy to have the opportunity to help bundle, wrap and label gifts.

It may not seem like much to you, but these few hours were inspiring.  I feel the desire to give more, to help more.  This is a rewarding program for all the volunteers as well as the recipients.

The whole weekend was a whirlwind of an experience.  I met some amazing women that I'm proud to call my sisters.  I met a dedicated staff of a great organization and was able to give a little back.  And I was filled with with a desire to keep on giving.  I am honored to have been given this experience, and I am responsibility for sharing it with my sisters, my friends.  Pride doesn't even begin to describe what I feel about my Founders' and all that they have done for my organization.