Scallops & Zucchini Ribbon Pasta

Friday, August 5, 2011 - 
Hubs and I had ordered some scallops from a groupon we had purchased a while back.  These work perfectly for a planned out recipe or a thrown together dish (like the bok choy stir fry I had guest blogged on with Messy Aprons).  I guess I normally lean towards thrown together dishes, so hubs and I started doing our thing.

While he warmed up the grill and prepped the scallops with some salt and pepper, I put on a pot of water for some angel hair pasta and prepped some zucchini we had from the farmers market.  I simply used a vegetable peeler to make long pieces of zucchini into beautiful ribbons to mesh with the pasta.

For a sauce, I added some extra virgin olive oil to a pan and added some garlic and red pepper flakes.  At the market I had also picked up some cherry tomatoes, so I cut those in half and added them to the mix to get some more juice to be part of the sauce.  I added the zucchini so that it would slightly cook, but only for a minute.  A bit of pasta water with the pasta, and there was a good dish happening.

Hubs had grilled up the scallops and they turned out perfectly.  Adding them on top of the pasta with some fresh basil from our herb garden, we had a delicious and healthy dinner.

Frozen meets fresh - sounds like an easy dinner option to me.