Bub's Cafe - Not Just a Place for Burgers

Sunday, September 19, 2010 - 
If you are a fan of Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel, you may have watched Adam Richman visit Indianapolis recently.  On the episode, his big challenge was to the eat four Big Uglies at Bub's Burgers in Carmel, which is right around the corner from hubby and I.  We've eaten there many times and dolloped in the ice cream selections as well - great food for sure.  But, there is another Bub's gem right down the Monon - Bub's Cafe.  This weekend, my parents were visiting from Wisconsin and per dad's request - Bub's cafe was our Sunday morning brunch scene.

It is a smaller restaurant, as it was a house at one point converted into the cafe it is now.  But don't let a small wait discourage you, there is always coffee waiting for those who have their name on the waiting list.   Hubs and I sipped our coffee and waited on this adorable red bench in the parking lot for my parents.  And yes, parking is limited in the lot (just like Bub's Burgers,) but there is plenty of road space available.  Or, you could just walk on the Monon like we do if you are able - knowing what treats lay ahead, you may want to get that walk in before diving in.

Once inside, we were greeted by our friendly server who warmed up our coffee and delivered ordered juices.  I adore sitting outside on the patio with a warm cup of coffee in my hand - and this experience did not disappoint as I sipped and enjoyed the company I was with.  We ordered our food and enjoyed the morning while we waited.

I always order the famous "Bub Holes" when I dine here - they are just too good to pass up (thus, the walking...)  You can place an order for three or six homemade donut holes (I say go for the six, you can mix the different kinds so why not!)  They come as glazed, powdered sugar, chocolate or cinnamon sugar.  And if you are there during the fall - sometimes you can get them as pumpkin!  Unfortunately, pumpkin wasn't available, so I ordered us six to enjoy: half cinnamon and sugar, half chocolate.  When they arrived, they were warm and perfectly fried up to order.  All were crisp on the outside, and cakey but light on the inside.  The dough they create is perfect in texture and density when fried.  Rolled in cinnamon and sugar, you can't beat that combination of sweetness with the fried dough.  Unless you are a chocolate lover, because the chocolate donuts are covered with a luscious sauce that is smooth and warm - just delicious.  Let's just say I'm happy not all were eaten so I can have a few later on this evening for dessert!

For our meals, hubby ordered one of his faves (and a special of the day) - eggs benedict. Perfectly poached eggs adorned a crisp english muffin and pan fried piece of Canadian bacon.  Over these simple yet satisfying elements was their amazing hollandaise sauce.  Hollandaise sauce is basically egg yolks and butter cooked (but not scrambled) over a double boiler.  From there, you can add a mixture of ingredients, jazzing it to your hearts content.  Bub's has a simple flavor of lemon and a hint of mustard, seasoned with salt and pepper.  These simple flavors pair perfectly with the open face egg sandwich - always a good choice.

I ordered another special they were offering that day - snow crab stratta.  I was extremely excited to see it on the board and yet curious to how they would incorporate the snow crab.  Upon receipt, I couldn't help but to be extremely happy with the portions as I knew it would be great leftovers.  Strattas are similar to a quiche or frittata, mostly an egg dish that would be filled with flavors and ingredients and then baked into a delicious entree for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In this case, snow crab was incorporated and did not dissapoint as each bite had the rich essence of the shellfish.  In addition, spinach and tomatoes were baked on top and their hollandaise was dribbled over.  These flavors were fantastic together, and I can't wait to have it again (maybe for dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow, oh the possibilities!)  Plus, I was given a generous serving of fruit - watermelon, pineapple, cantalope and grapes.  A nice touch with the simple mixed greens that I nibbled through.

My dad enjoyed his omelette with a mixing of great ingredients and thick slices of sourdough toast while my mom ate her eggs (over easy) with sourdough toast, potatoes (though they did look a little dry) and bacon.  They always request to visit Bub's, whether it is burgers or breakfast, and the result is always a happy one. 

Where is one of your favorite brunch spots on a Sunday morning?