Scotty's Lakehouse: A Burger Joint

Monday, April 12, 2010 - 
I've always been a fan of Scotty's Brewhouse.  Hubs like to think we discovered it back in the day (the location on 96th Street,) and since then, the restaurant has expanded several locations.  But now, a new twist for Mr. Scott Wise - his Lakehouse, a burger joint.

Near the Geist reservoir, the Lakehouse is at the perfect location for all the Fisher's folks.  Hubby and I attended a wedding (my dear friend The Daily Sweatpants will post this lovely info) earlier that day, and surprisingly were left with an early and free evening.  So we headed to the Lakehouse, as we've been wanting to try since it opened about a month ago.

Thank goodness for their call ahead seating, as we shaved a good 45 minutes off our wait - the restaurant was packed!  After 10 minutes, we were escorted to our outdoor table.  We had requested outdoor seating thinking there would be some fantastic views, but alas, all we saw was the parking lot.  Eating al fresco is one of my favorite things in the whole world though, so I was happy, especially as there were only a few tables outside.

 100% Certified (paper menus, nice touch with the famous towel napkins)

Scotty's Lakehouse is considered a burger joint, a different twist from the other Scotty locations.  I was craving a burger, so I knew we were at the right spot.  We ordered some draft Sun King beverages to start off with, which were delivered very quickly (thank you server Chris!)  I personally ordered the Cream Ale, and couldn't help but smack my lips. So good.  Hubs got the Scottish Ale, a great creamy taste, but wasn't too heavy.  However, I was smitten with my Cream Ale.

Draft Cream Ale = Delicious.  Thank you Sun King!

It was the perfect light beverage (but not too light, don't think commercial, this is after all a fantastic microbrew my friends) to compliment our appetizer, the 7 Tidals Dip, which is served at all Scotty's locations.  It is their version of buffalo chicken dip - perfectly spicy taste that is cooled with the celery and chips that it is served with.  I'm not going to elaborate on this too much, because, well, we really went for the burgers.

None of the burgers have names, so you order by number.  I had a hard time deciding, as did the hubs, so we decided on our top 3, then each picked one from that so we could do the honorable split.  That way, you get to try two, and that makes me a happy girl (for all those who know me, I like to try everything.)  I ordered a number 6, which consisted of a bleu cheese coleslaw (maytag blue I believe,) french fries and garlic mayo.  I was surprised to see french fries are actual french wedges, and that was slightly disappointing.  Only because it gave the burger a much more potato taste (french fries are usually really crisp, while wedges can be more soft.)  The coleslaw was great, and individually, so was the garlic mayo.  I love me some garlic, so it was a great creamy compliment to the wedges.  I had ordered the burger medium well, and it was definitely well done, but I didn't let that deter me from eating my delicious half.

Mmm...number 6...

Hubs ordered number 3, which out of the two burgers, was my favorite.  Smoked Gouda (especially when local, as this was Indiana Gouda) and applewood smoked bacon is a great marriage.  What happens when you slap a perfectly fried egg on top?  A match made in heaven.  The fried egg was perfect, not overly done, but with a nice crisp edge and tender yolk.  I also want to thank Mr. Wise as he has now made my hub appreciate the concept of eggs and ketchup.  A firm believer that "ketchup shouldn't touch an egg," he couldn't disagree that the chipotle ketchup brought a nice kick to bring the whole burger together. 

Thank you for allowing me to win the 'egg & ketchup' battle

 The fries and mac (which I will need to get next time I am there) are dubbed "burgers bff" at the Lakehouse, so how could we pass that up?  Despite needing anymore food, we took the bait and decided to share the Indiana Loaded fries.  Once again, wedges, not fries, were part of the deal, but in this case scenario, I like.  Loaded (again) with local Indiana Gouda and 2-year aged cheddar, the loading continued with bacon crumbs.  And of course, one of my favorite accompaniment of fries - ranch.  Creamy goodness to bring the oh so good loaded fries to their highest potential.

Do you see the cute little fryer basket they were delivered in?  Nice touch Scotty, nice touch.

Did I like the Lakehouse?  Absolutely.  Next time, I'll have to get some mac.  And now I know my food limit, because I was indeed full.   If you haven't had a burger from Scotty's, you should visit the Lakehouse.

Other plug - I have to admit, my fave burger from Scotty's is still the Shewman Special on the Brewhouse menu.  Oh man, oh so good.  Don't gripe with peanut butter being on the don't want to pass this burger up.  So if you can't make it to Fishers, go to Scotty's either way.  Get the Shewman.  Trust me, you'll love it.