Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Jon Pieciul!

Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 
I had the pleasure of flying out to the Boston area this past weekend.  When I graduated from UMass in 2004, I made a promise that I would visit once a year.  Happy to report, I am 6 years strong!  The main reason for my visit East this year was due to Ms. MM's wedding to Mr. JP!

My dearest friend, MR, and her FIANCE PPD let me crash on their couch for the first few nights.  Let me tell you, time with MR is valuable, so I was VERY excited that I had her to veg with all by myself!  We played lots of Wii on Friday (it was rainy, and I had a sore thumb to prove it) while indulging in lots of laugh and great conversation.  PLUS, we even noshed on a love of mine Thursday night (and potentially all Amherst kids a like)...WINGS!

Seriously - so good...

On Friday, I had a lovely dinner with some near and dear friends of mine, including Fun & Fearless in Beantown.  When I get to see these girls, I know life is good.  Of course, time was too short and photos were forgotten, but that happens sometimes when caught up in the moment.  A BIG thank you to those who came out for the shindig!

I made my way to CT on Saturday morning with a few friends who I hadn't seen in quite some time.  It was a beautiful wedding, and the bride was absolutely glowing with love.  I am honored to be a guest at their special day!  A few photos to recap the evening...

I was lucky to stay Sunday night as well, as I was able to spend some lazy time with with DC at her place.  Her roomies included me on a house purchasing celebration and treated me to chocolate covered smores bites.  I was spoiled, especially with True Blood on the tele. 

Unfortunately, all good things had to come to an end on Patriot's Day.  Many of the girls went off to the Red Sox game (jealous!) and I even had a high school friend run the Boston marathon.  If I planned this out, I could have done both!  But alas, I made my way back to the hubs in good old Carmel, Indiana.

A big hug to all of my East coast friends.  Though distance makes visits sparse, I know that you are always a phone call and virtual hug away.  I miss you every day, and cherish the annual visits!