Happiness at Sea

Friday, June 1, 2012 - 
After our first couple days in the Disney parks, hubs and I made our way towards the ocean. Towards a ship that I was extremely jealous of during our last cruise for hubs 30th birthday.

I may or may not have tried to get on this boat rather than the one we were really on. Okay, I thought about it though I didn't act on it. I really wanted to, trust me on this.

Beyond the fact that I adore The Mouse, there are man other reasons why I advocate for this cruise line. Disney Cruise Line (DCL) knows what they are doing. People scoffed and said "you are going on a Disney cruise? There are going to be so many kids..."

Well, everyone. I am happy to report that though there were children, there were no more children on this boat than there was on the other. If anything, I'd say I saw less children on the boat because Disney gets it.

They have a variety of different areas just for children of all ages. A nursery, a tween area, an area for teenagers. And you guessed it, that also means there is a variety of areas that are adult only. Plus, a lot of family friendly areas too - like the movie theater (called the Buena Vista Theater) where we saw "The Avengers" and "John Carter", or the Walt Disney Theater where we saw two Broadway style shows (The Villians was absolutely fantastic) and a comedy show.

We stopped in Nassau and Disney's private island, Castaway Cay, where we spent time on an adult only beach - Serenity Bay. Talk about a quiet place - it was beautiful.

That evening, we also got to experience fireworks at sea. There is only one cruise line that does fireworks at sea and I was happy to on board. They call it 'Pirates IN the Caribbean' - cute. One of my favorite moments was sitting under the stars on deck, watching Pirates while literally being in the Caribbean with a drink in hand. Love it.

Five days and our nights were perfect. We were never bored, we ate well, and we saw great entertainment. We had such a great time, we even booked another cruise! Alaska 2013 here we come - who's in?